Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Why blog?

OK, here are my excuses for starting blogging at a stage in life where I really ought to know better. It might give you some insight into why I'm here and what sort of thing to expect on this blog. On the other hand, it might not.

This is a tad embarrassing. Despite over 30 years in the software development industry I have to confess that I have little or no knowledge of what a blog is and how one works.

I have noticed that as soon as someone learns you are "in computers" there's a tendency to assume you know everything there is to know about computer hardware and software. In truth we computer people are often highly specialised. I could answer all but the most difficult questions about the Windows API, C++ syntax or how to use Visual Basic but I'm probably no better than the man on the Clapham omnibus when it comes to the questions lay people actually ask me like "my hard drive is playing up, how do I fix it?" or "my computer's running really slowly, any idea what's wrong with it?". I guess it's a bit like being a brain surgeon and having to field Auntie Janie's enquiry about how to deal with her in-growing toenail. When you say "it's not my field" the usual reaction is "but I thought you were in computers".

So why am I venturing out of my comfort zone and launching into this new enterprise? Although I'm a software man by trade, the real me is a frustrated author. This is a bit more than a practice ground, but only a bit. Every author wants to be heard, otherwise there’s no point.

I have a lot to say. Being of “grumpy old man” age, if not a little past it, I’m forever thinking, I must write to the papers about this or that. In truth, of course, I rarely do. Maybe this will be the outlet for all that suppressed grumpiness as well as wanting to share my boundless wisdom.

If you have stumbled in here (heaven knows how) then welcome. Please feel free to contribute. I’ve made this an open forum. Hopefully in the cornucopia of opinions I intend to post here on a divers range of subjects, you will find something to interest you.

I have no aspirations to change the world (at least, not realistic ones) but if I manage to amuse then I have succeeded.

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